The Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market – A Lubbock Institution cover image

The Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market – A Lubbock Institution

• December 10, 2020

There’s something different about the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market. It’s a piece of the heart of the city and unifies Downtown Lubbock with an identity of originality. 


Some people come to look around and shop the variety of vendors, but others are strictly there for access to fresh, local produce. Every person who frequents the farmers market is necessary for its continued survival. 


In our area, only .25% of the planted acreage is for growing food – the rest is industrial. So, to the people who take a chance on planting food, the farmers market is a significant resource. When people buy produce from agricultural producers, they’re allowing farmers to advance their business and increase their operations. Giving them a platform where they can sell their goods creates more opportunities to keep their small farms thriving.



And it isn’t only fruit and vegetable farms that are supported. Local producers of honey, eggs, dairy products, and meat products are a part of the market as well. Purchasing local food stimulates the local economy and keeps local farmers in business.


Having a farmers market is a mark of a city that’s on the cutting edge and is looking for ways to create progress in their community. The Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market is a sign of rebirth for Downtown and what we can do for the betterment of the area. 




Just by being Downtown, you’re supporting local businesses, the arts district, and the Downtown community as a whole. When you support one Downtown Lubbock institution, you’re supporting them all. As more people come to this weekly event, it brings increased awareness to the businesses Downtown and gives people a glance at the possibility of what Downtown Lubbock could be.


This weekend is your last chance to enjoy the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market for the rest of the season, but it’ll be back next year to keep this tradition alive and Downtown Lubbock prospering.