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Planning the Ultimate Holiday Party with Downtown Lubbock

Downtown LBK • November 23, 2021

What better season to plan a down-home southern hospitality-filled party or a small business holiday celebration...than the holiday season!

Okay, okay, that might sound like a given, but it’s true! 

With Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, and all the New Year's festivities on the horizon, we know the wish on the tip of everyone's tongue is a seasonal stretch of time with laughter, joy, and NO stress!

And boy are we glad the holidays are finally upon us because we’re ready to sprinkle downtown Lubbock and all its beautiful people with some of the best venue tips for a festive party this holiday season!

The Cotton Court Hotel

Some holiday get-togethers are better spent reminiscing on old holiday memories in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Other holiday parties? Well, they might require downtown Lubbock’s very own Cotton Court Hotel.

The Cotton Court Hotel is conveniently located right next to Texas Tech University and the famed Depot District. With over 3500 square feet of both indoor and outdoor space, the full-service hotel has a party destination for any group or holiday theme. The indoor ballroom features natural light and high ceilings, and the outdoor event space boasts a climate-controlled tent for your seasonal comfort. The hotel also offers all guests access to the culinary team behind their in–house restaurant, The Midnight Shift, to ensure your holiday party experience leaves you with a full belly, a full heart, and a night full of memories. 

McPherson Cellars

For over 40 years and counting, McPherson Cellars has been part of West Texas’ DNA. However, even with roots that cast such a broad, expansive, and respected reach, their ability to satisfy any holiday party craving with their indoor event space (that used to be a Coca-Cola bottling plant), outdoor patio, and tasting room never disappoints. 

To learn more about their 30,000 square foot space or their famous wine menu, contact McPherson Cellars directly at event[email protected] | 806-687-9463.

La Diosa Cellars

Breaking bread with loved ones is a very cherished cultural experience, regardless of what holidays you and your loved ones choose to celebrate. But sharing laughs and hearty meals across from one another during the holidays? Well when you’re in downtown Lubbock and in the mood to celebrate the holidays, La Diosa Cellars is where the locals look. 

The beloved Spanish hot spot provides a rental option for the entire facility as well as a rental option for just the back room at  “$175 per hour (35 person capacity) with a 2-hour minimum on Friday & Saturday evenings (no charge Tuesday-Thursday).”

Bring the Party to You

Imagine a party filled with your closest colleagues, friends, and family that goes well into the night. And then once the last guest retires for the evening, you lock the door and wind down for the evening.

Sound like a dream? With a small business smorgasbord literally in the heart of downtown Lubbock, it can be your reality. All it takes is knowing exactly where to find those holiday party treasures.


The theme of any holiday party can be as fantastical or tame as you like; the option is completely yours. Regardless of what your party lands on, you can find everything you need to pump up the holiday volume in your own neck of the woods at Jux-ta-posh and Bentley Arrow.

  • Jux-ta-posh is a one-of-a-kind decor experience that calls the heart of downtown Lubbock home. From large statement furniture to “how did I live without this accent piece” to the most perfect serving ware, this little boutique has everything you could ever need to lay the perfect foundation for your ultimate holiday party. 
  • Where Jux-ta-posh has the proverbial grass-fed, holiday meat, Bentley Arrow has all the decor-equivalent of a party’s hors devours and accouterments. Chalk paint for a never-before-seen feature wall? Check. After dinner cigars and whiskey? Check. Anything else? Check. 


Thanksgiving is so November, and so are all the hours spent dicing, slicing, cooking, and cleaning in your home. 

Luckily, our southern genetic makeup lays the perfect backdrop for some of the best bites on this side of the Atlantic ocean. Only but a mere handful (definitely not all) of those local businesses who offer world-class catering are:

  • West Table – The holiday season only comes around once a year, so hosting the ultimate party without prosciutto-wrapped asparagus just doesn’t sound right...right?
  • Cast Iron Grill – If your party is looking for hearty, down-home cooking with a side of delectable seasonal pies and desserts, this hometown favorite is calling your name.
  • Italian Garden – Every holiday deserves to be celebrated, at least once, with authentic Italian ravioli and cannolis, don’t you think? Italian Garden does!
  • Giorgio’s – Who said holiday parties and pizza don’t mix? We don’t, so go on party peoples, go on. 

Planning the ultimate holiday party can be overwhelming, but with all the talented local options to support, it can also be the most amazing experience to cherish in 2021 and beyond. 

However you choose to celebrate holidays, downtown Lubbock wishes you and yours a multitude of safety, joy, and delight.