Lubbock Symphony Orchestra: Something For Everyone cover image

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra: Something For Everyone

• December 10, 2020

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra is part of a new Downtown Lubbock — one where families can try new restaurants, experience art, listen to music, and where people can practice their craft and pour into the city they love.


And David Cho, Music Director of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, wants to be a part of it. Initially studying piano performance, Cho began conducting while studying in college and never looked back. He says that while leading an orchestra can be intimidating, one thing he and the rest of the LSO can agree on is that they want to share their passion for music with the rest of Lubbock. 


Living in a day and age where our senses are pulled in so many different directions, there’s something special about listening to a piece of live music with a group of people – something that Cho believes everyone in Lubbock should appreciate and experience. 


Although classical music is the bread and butter of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, it’s not the only music performed at the Civic Center, and in the future at the Buddy Holly Hall. With holiday concerts, pops series, and educational courses, everyone can find a performance from the LSO they’ll enjoy. 


So whether you’re five or 50, a night with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra is an experience you’ll never forget.